febrero 10, 2009

♫Neko_Yami no karaoke desu: Charlotte♫

Aquí traego el lyric de un grupo de nu metal que en lo personal me gusta mucho,el grupo se llama Kittie y la cancion es Charlotte,espero les guste ;)

So, Im Nothing.
You Took Something From Me, Now You've Dissapeared.
You're Right Where I Want You.
You Said You Wanted It, Alright.
No! Its Not Alright [3x]
Now I'm Something, And Your Head Is In My Closet.
Dead Forever, They'll Never Search It...
Out Of Sight No! Its Not Alright [3x]
I'm Cold, So Cold, Ohh, Ohh [2x]
If i Find It [2x]
NO! NO WAY! [4x]

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